Monday, April 25, 2016

Week -#74 I literally cried, I love President Rodrigues

Hola Mom!
this week was crazy busy. We are the only trio here in The mission so the assistants use us a lot for divisions. I went to Oceania with Elder Flores this week. It was a good experience to catch up with him from when we were in Guadalupe together. He said that he has seen a lot of growth and progress in me since like 4 months ago. So thats good. haha
I also had my last interview with President Rodriguez this week. I literally cried. He has been the best mission president that a man could ask for. I really hope that he continues having success in his like when he moves to Veracruz for his next assignment. 
Im also excited that I get to prepare for the new mission president to come. Im sure that he is a great and inspired man. Im grateful for that leaders that God has put in my life and for all of the help that they have given me. 

So I had a good week getting to know my companions and also getting to know the area. This week we will be doing some divisions witht the district leaders.
We should also be baptising this week and the next week so I am super excited about that.

Ramos Arizpe is a really cool place. Its so close to Saltillo but its so different. The people here have a small town type of an attitude even though its pretty big here. This week we struggled taking investigators to church because it was stake conference. The problem is that the stake conference was all the way in Saltillo and nobody wanted to go haha
But now that it is going to be back here in Ramos next week I am hoping that a lot more people go. 

I sold the 2 suits from when I came. I sold them to Elder Hall from Utah. They simply didnt fit me anymore and he needed them.
They were also way to heavy to be hauling around all the time. The third one was trashed, so it ended up in the garbage. haha. 
Now I have 2 

Anyways Im glad to hear from you. Have a great week!
love Elder Stockman

Wow Dad your Old. 28 years ago you came back from Bolivia. I cant beleive that!
Sounds like its a pretty crazy week back there at home. Im glad that im in Mexico. 

SO this last week I had a blast getting to know my new companions, and getting to know the ward and the area. Its a really cool place in all senses of the word. There is a train that passes by close to the house like every 15 minutes. Its really fun! haha I have actually gotten used to it and now it doesnt wake me up at night. 

This week I had my last interview with President Rodriguez. Its sad to think that he is leaving but im excited for what will come. He only has one transfer left and then in his last transfer he will do a goodbye type of thing or a ferewel i guess you would call it. He is excited. haha. He is going to continue working in the seminary and institute of the church in Veracruz. I realize that I will be home in just a little bit more than 6 months. 

anyways I hope that you have a safe trip and that you enjoy the sacred grove. Love you

-Elder Stockman

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