Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week #41- Monte de Sion

​I didn't know that mount Zion was in Saltillo? hahaha

​Super cool Sun Set.

Divisions with the Zone Leaders Elder Resendiz. 

Hey momma! It's super good to hear from you this week.
I can't believe that I have been in Monclova and in Saltillo the same amount of time that blows my mind. 2 days and 2 months from now I will be completing the year in the mission! or the day that I go home! because I will be coming home on the 9th.
I can't believe that Josh is gone. that is a moment that I have always placed so far away in my mind and the day has come and gone. I guess I will see him in 2 years
Good to see that Everyone is doing good! I can't believe that it's September....

Well I feel kinda wierd because this transfer is about to end. I have loved my time here with Elder Vasquez he is awesome. I really think that I will be leaving this area but who knows? We will see in a week haha.
I feel like I have been here in the zone for too long so that makes me think that I will be leaving. Even though that probably doesn't mean anything but we will see what happens. 
This week was the last week of the transfer to bring investigadores to church because next sunday we have the opporotunity to go to the broadcast of the temple dedication for the Mexico city temple. And obviously investigatores can't go. It was super cool because we were fasting and praying that a family we found 2 weeks ago would come to church. They are a family of 6 the parents and 4 kids. 
They always close the doors for the sacrament and lock them so that we can mantain reverence and they closed the doors and they still hadn't came. They opened the doors and they were all there it was a super huge surprise and I can't believe it that they came. We have an appointment with them on tuesday. The kids especially really liked it and I know that they felt something different.

I'm doing super good and kind of hoping that I can have another american companion so that I can practice my English. Because it is pretty bad! hahaha

 I love you and hope that you have a great week.
-Elder Stockman
Hey Papi
That is super cool to hear that you offociated a session. That is something that I would be really nervous to do. Did you mess up at all?
Things are going really great here in Mexico. I am loving my time here and I can't believe that it's September. It's still kind of hot here so it doesn't seem like it all the way. 
Me and My companion get along super great. He has definately been a really great companion these last weeks. 

I really don't have any idea where I will be going my next transfer. I know that I will go there one day but who knows when!?
Hmmmm guacamole. that is some good stuff. Haha there is an Elder from Peru in my ward and we always make fun of him because he says "Palta" instead of "aguacate" do they say that in Bolivia aswell?
I don't know why you are torturing yourself. GO TO WENDYS haha
We had a ton of success this last week. It hasn't been easy these last couple of weeks but I know that the Lord was testing our Diligence. We were able to bring a family of 6 to church and that was an absolute miracle. They are also reading the Book of Mormon. Ojala que siguen progresando.
I have to say that the time here in Saltillo has gone extremely fast I feel like sometimes I wake up in Monclova but then I realize that I'm here in Saltillo. hahaha
Tell everyone that I love them and that I will see them in 14 months wooo! haha have a great week! 
-Elder Stockman

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