Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week #44- weirdest thing I have seen on my mission!!

​Wierdest thing that I have seen in my mission... A Utah lisence plate... The owner wasn't home but we will be going back...

Divisiones with the Zone Leaders...Elder Gibb is from Colorado but his family just moved to Utah. He said we are going to hang out after the mission. He goes home in January.

It's a meat store and that is an entire carcas hanging. Mexico....

Hi  momma!
Fisrt off the Temple Dedication was pretty cool!
During the dedicatory prayer the sound disappeared so I didn't really get to hear much of it. Elder Eyring said the prayer in Elglish because he does not speak spanish and there was a translater. 
Yeah(to you question) it's kind of hard to be in the same area for such a long time. I know all of the area and I feel like there are no more doors to knock haha but i'm still animated because we sould be baptizing more people soon.
Don't worry mom the spanish comes  with practice and patience. I have decided that I for sure want to learn another language when I get home I just havn't decided which one yet.
I have actually been studying in Mosiah aswell.  King benjamin is a pretty cool dude. So is Abinidi and Alma. 
And yes, pumpkin cookies are the bomb. Actually the other day I was trying to explain to my companion that pumpkin with chocolate tastes good. He didn't believe me but he is the crazy one. He was telling me about how he misses the food from Oaxaca and I was like well what do you miss most. He told me that the cheese, something called a Tlayuda which is actually pretty good, but then he started talking about eating insects and I lost my appetite. 
We are doing pretty good here in the ward still trying to animate the members to work more with us. The problem here is that everyone here works like a dog. that are always at work.
P.s. if you havnt sent my package I need another mission belt because it's falling apart and its going to break soon. love you and have a great week
-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad! 
First of all I found scriptural evidence that zombies are real... Matthew 8: 28-34  talks about how demons posess the bodies of the dead and then they kill a bunch of pigs by scaring them off of a cliff. Classic... wish I would have been there to see that.
you can share that scripture with bishop Batty and give him a little bit of hope.

I liked the Temple dedication. Elder Holland bore his testimony is spanish and it was pretty legit. The sound went out when Elder Eyring was offering the prayer but other than that it was cool to be there. It was the closest that I have been to the temple since last November. Hopefully I can go someday to the Temple in Monterrey. 
I am doing good here. I am still in Lomas and we will have changes in 4 weeks. I hope they ship me to the north. 
Zach just might be able to beat me up when I get home haha at this rate he is growing like a weed. Tell everyone that I love them. I don't really think about you guys too much dont worry. Just when its quiet and it's almost never quiet. 
Have a good general conference and enjoy your week!
-Elder Stockman

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