Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #54 A pack of chihuahuas getting the best of me.

One of the sisters in our Ward has 14 Chihuahuas. 
My companion went to the hospital because he has bad knees. Don't worry he is ok. 

Elder Miner he is in my district. (MTC companion)

Best District ever!

Elder Flores, Elder Bauzan, and Elder Morales the guapisimo.

Hey Mom!
Well reading this leter made me happy! It's pretty cool to see what is happening back at home. I love seeing your pictures of everyone and that looked like a pretty gun event with the Martineau family. 
what is that place a german christmas celeration or what?
Yeah I see people with like tablet sized phones now and then I realize that i'ts an iphone and it makes me feel like im stupid. President has a 6 plus it's pretty cool. 

So we had changes today but I am staying here with Elder Hernandez and that makes me super happy. I'm happy that we can spend Christmas together. I did get to go to the Christmas devotional they put it on in the stake center but in spanish of corse. I think that is funny but It's the same for me now its almost to the point where I don't notice the difference between English and Spanish. 

We can talk to you on the 24th or the 25th for an hour and a half. you choose when and That will be ok with me. 

I'm super excited to talk to you. And I totally got the package of the letters I loved them all!
especially the one that played music. 
Have an excellent week!
-Elder Stockman
Hey Dad!
Yep I got a haircut last week dont worry. I feel like I lost like 20 pounds. 
The assistants told us that we will be able to do another skype call on the 24th or the 25th for an hour and a half. I am super excited for that day it is going to be awesome. you guys decide what day and what time works best for you and we will do it. Whatever time is good so just let me know. 

Also today we had changes and I am going to be staying here with Elder Hernandez! That makes me super happy he is one of the best compañon I have had in my whole mission. We will also be together for Christmas so that is going to be awesome. You guys will let to meet him. 

I feel really good here in Guadalupe it is a pretty great area. We actually don't have that many members that are willing to acompany us but that's their problem. but It's a pretty good area. It's actually one of the biggest areas in the mission kinda of interesting. If you look on a map of Monclova it is from Plaza Juarez to villas de santa ana. It's so big we take a bus to get across our area. Haha!

anyways good to talk to you this week and I hope that everything is good with you guys! have a great day!
-Elder Stockman

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