Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week #55 Our new album cover "I'll go were you want me to go dear Lord"

Me with Elder Flores. My companion for the last week.

Me on public transportation. 

​Me with Elder Morales. A super good person.

¡11 Días! 
Mom there are only 11 days until I get to talk to you. I want Da and Grandma there. I miss Everyone. That's crazy that there is so much snow. I didn't remember that you guys have a Pilot that was wierd to hear. Especially because I am still thinking in my mind that the mazda is still there but you guys sold it. 

That looks like quite the family home evening night, glad that you got to go and see the temple lights that looks really cool- 

Well to answer your question I did get the thanksgiving stuff. Thanks a lot!
Also a couple of days ago I got a call from Hna Lugo who works in the mission offices and she told me that my package from you guys just got there aswell. But the shipping company told them that there were chocolates so the people had to take them out and throw them away, but thats ok im over it. I realized that I will be home in 11 months so thats totaly ok! hahaha

Also this week I was in a trio with Elder Flores. His Companion Elder Vielma went to Saltillo for the whole week because he was a secretary before and President asked him to come and help with the end of the year finance stuff. He called and told me that my package was there so it got here and he actually comes back today so I will have it in my hands today. I feel like that was an answer to prayers for you guys.

Tell Justice that I didn't recognize him in the picture he has grown so much!
By the way how is Quinn doing? sometimes I write him I will shoot him a message today. 

But i'm doing great and feeling happy. The mission in going by so fast I can't even keep up haha. anyways love you and have a great week. Until next Monday

-Élder (e)Stockman

Hey! long time no see!
How is it going Dad?
That story of the Dr pepper makes me laugh. That kid is one of a kind. I hope that he never changes. 
Monclova is going good, I realized that I have been here a ton of time. I went to President Velez´s office today. He works in the institute building and so We go there to play basketball, pool, ping pong and so on. Actually the assistants gave us permission to watch the singles ward today that was pretty awesome. 

I realized that I have never even been to Pats BBQ thats kind of depressing. I was thinking the other day about my favorite tv show because somebody asked me what it was and I have to say that it is "Diners Drive-ins and Dives". But I realized that it probably wasn't so good that I watched it on Sundays. If you notice that almost all of the General Authorities in their talks mentioned something about the sabbath day. That probably means it is something important. I remeber how I thought it was just a dumb rule that you and mom put but now I feel like I actually understand why it is important. 

Actually Dad I forgot to mention this like 7 months ago that President canceled that pin program. Its because it was causing problems among the Elders and they werent focusing. But President is still giving out some pins in some interviews which makes me a little bit hopeful. The thing is that one of the requirements was that you had to have more that a year to get it, but now that I have all of the sudden completed the year well see what happens. I actually forget about it its not something that bothers me anymore. Maybe it was a good thing to get rid of it. But once again sorry to ruin that for you. President said it was becuase it was useful in its time but now its not important. There was a lot of wickedness in the mission before, a lot... so he used it as a way to motivate the Wicked ones.

Anyways I will probably need the skype information again. Please tell me that information. Also what day and what time do you want me to call. It is next week and that has come up really fast. 
love you and have a great week!
-Elder Stockman

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