Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #58, tell Abbie that she's not allowed to get married!

As far as I know I didn't leave anyone waiting for me. haha
Im glad to hear that the funeral went well. I hope that everyone can be at peace. 

Sounds like you guys had a lot of family and friends during the Christmas break. Its wierd because I thought that a lot more people would have been getting their mission calls for Saltillo, but its only been me and elder Weidmeyer. Wierd. 

Well that didnt last long. Tell Andrew im glad that I can come back and be recieved by my big bed. haha
Dang it, 1:00 church is the worst. Oh well because I will only be there for 2 months of this year, and that means that we will get to go to 9:00 pretty much when I get back. 

Haha tell Abbie that she is never allowed to get married. 

This week was kind of quick. We will be having transferes in 2 weeks again. I feel like every time I come to the ciber I am telling you guys about transferes. this is rediculus how fast that the time is going. Tomorrow we are having zone conference and they are making me give a training, Yay... not haha. Its starting to get really cold down here in Monclova. It makes me want to work harder I feel like, I dont know why. I just feel like I hate the heat and summer time so hopefully they send me to saltillo this summer again. haha!
We finally have an investigator who went to church, his name is Raul. he is super Cristian but we are slowly convincing him about the book of mormon. he is reading it and if he keeps doing it and going to church we know that he will get an answer. I hope that he can get his answer about the book. 

I love you guys and I hope that you all have a really great week.

-√Člder Stockman

haha oh Dad, thats kind of funny but a little bit irreverent. haha, 
I saw the picture of Zach and that dude is Huge. when I left he was a lot smaller, He was always telling me that when I get home he would "clean my clock" and im starting to fear that it surely is a posibility. haha
Im Glad to hear that everything went well with the funeral, I hope that everyone can be at peace. 

Thanks Dad for your love and your support. I could not ask for a better dad, I love you and appreciate all the things that you do for me. 
I promise that im going to keep working hard so that I can keep recieving the Lord´s blessings for me and for you guys. Have a great week!
-√Člder Stockman

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