Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week #61- p.s. Sorry this letter sucks.

Hey Mom and dad.
Today was kind of a crazy day.
we have 0 time to be able to do things here haha. Right now we have to go and wait for a sister missionary that is going to be coming from nueva rosita.
sorry that i hadnt written earlier. i have to divide my ciber time in 2 parts do be able to do it but just that something came up today so we ran out of time. 
I really love it here in Acuna its really cool!
We had a baptism this week of Javier Mendoza. He was super ready to be baptized and that was a blessing of the lord to show up neither of us knowing anything and that he was wiaiting to be baptized.
I will send pictures next week. 
Im alive, healthy, and very happy. 
until next week
PS sorry that this letter sucks. I will do better next week. please forgive me
-Elder Stockman

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