Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week #62 - my faith has increased seven fold"

Elder Stockman, Elder White 
Elder Stockman baptism of Javier Mendoza. 

Happy February!
Hey momma can you believe that it is February! I cant.
This week we baptized again. That was really a great experience because she almost backed out of it. She was supposed to get baptized Saturday evening but she told us that she would rather do it the next morning. We called her in the Morning on Sunday because she still hadnt showed up. She told us that she didnt know if she could do it and she told m that she had a fear of water. It was a really good faith building experience because I told here that I knew that these things were true and that Our Heavenly Father wanted her to follow through. I told her that we would be waiting for her there with the font filled and realy to go. We hung up and waited and prayed a lot. She came at the very last minute and got baptized. It was one of the most helpless and stressfun moments in my life. But I feel like my faith has increased seven fold. 

So that makes 2 consecutive weeks with a baptism which is the first time in my mission. But we are actually probably going to be baptizing this weekend aswell which would make 3.

This week I will be traveling to Saltillo for the leadership conference. We will be leaving tuesday in the night or wednesday in the morning, they still havnt told us. But then we will be going to Acuña again like thursday in the night. This is what we have to do every first thursday of every month. But it will be a great time. haha

That is super cool to hear about Zach fulfilling his calling and honoring his priesthood. He is a great young man.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDREW! I was thinking about him a lot this week. Man he sure is getting old. Which means that you guys are getting even older.

I cant believe that there is a kung fu panda 3. Im pumped haha

Tell Abbie to finish her Senior year strong and to keep going to semanary.

Love you guys and have a great week!

-Elder Stockman

Hey Dad!
So im here in Acuña. Its really far away from the rest of everything else. But so far I have to say that it is my favorite part of the mission. The people are super different. We have noticed that a lot ( almost everyone) of people are from Veracruz. So its like they are a little bit more receptive to the gospel. Who knows. But it has treated me well. I am in Industrial B. Intustrial is a branch that has the membership of a ward, like 120 people every week. But it is still a long ways away from being a ward. They are a lot less mature in sence of the gospel. Almost nobody pays tithing, so thats why it cant be a ward. Because there has to be a certian percentage of melchizedec priesthood holders that are worthy and paying their tithing. 

But it has been treating me pretty well. It was really cool. Elder White and I just both got here and we are finally starting to get a feel for the area. But we were able to baptize 2 weeks in a row. It was cool because that was the first time in my whole mission that i was able to do that, and the cool thing there is a really high chance that we will do it again this week aswell.

So I get to go to Saltillo this week for the leadership conference, that will be super duper fun... lots of bus rides.... Acuña is super far away. Remember how i said that when i was in Cañada with Elder Johnson, My area was the furthest south of the mission. Well now I am in the far north corner. The furthest north that you can go. (the closest to home that I can get) haha

Thats crazy to see that everything is changing geographically up there, I hope that I dont get to scared when I get home! haha

keep going to the temple that is super cool and I am super jealous that you can go. Haha
Thanks for being the best Dad ever!
-Elder Stockman

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