Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #64- free food.. Yes please!!

​This is gringas davis. These are free for missionaries because the owner is a member. Super cool. And they are all you can eat. Gringas, tacos, piratas, campechanas, and coke. haha

​Sunset in Acuña. There is a dirt soccer field over there.

Here is a rooster. Ha,ha!!

Where did you get that TORTA!!!! Tortas are the best!
So the baptismal interview was for other elders that are in our zone. Walking across our area would probably take 2 good hours at a fast pace. In a car probably like a 25 minute ride.
Hoestly I have no idea why allende is part our zone, Its part of the stake of piedras Negras and according to the church its part of Piedras Negras. But to the missionaries its part of Acuña. Oh well. 

Man Im excited to go look for good mexican food all over Utah, There is just a lot of food laws in the United States that would eliminate a lot of posibitities. 

Fun to see that Zach and Dad could get to Clear Creek and Back safe and Sound, that looks like its a fun time. So Zach got out of school for that? I never got to go there. 

Too bad that you couldnt get chinese food this year because valentines day was ona sunday this year, but dont worry because that means that next year it wont be on a sunday. 

I just realized that this year is special because it is leap year. It is also the summer olympics in Brazil. I wonder how that would be to be a missionary over there in Brazil during the olympics. 

So this week we sadly ended our baptizing streak. I guess that nobody wanted to get wet this week. Oh well. We have been having a pretty successfull time. We have been working super hard and Have been able to see the results. We are praying right now that Kevin's mom will get baptized. Right now its scheduled for the 5th of march. She is a super cool investigator who has a lot of questions about the church. Her name is Gloria. 

This week I had my interciew with President Rodriguez. While I was there I saw the Familia Velez. He was all the way up here on a work assignment. It was super cool to be able to catch up with them and to talk to them. They are super good friends with president Rodriguez. Because they were work companions before and well both of them have been mission presidents. Its funny to hear President Velex giving advice to President Rodriguez on how to go back to the real world again. haha highlight of my week. Eventhough it will be sad to say goodbye to President Rodriguez. It will be a blessing for him and his family to be released because that man never sleeps. haha maybe he will get another assignment hahaha

Anyways I hope that you have a great week!
-Love Elder Stockman
Hey Dad!
Well this week we broke our baptizing streak, nobody felt like getting wet. haha
It was a good week though we worked pretty hard. Elder Ninataype came with us on divisiones, he came up with president for interviews and then stayed with us and went home the next day in the night, 

I also had my interview with president Rodriguez this week. It was a really uplifting experience. he is one of my favorite persons is the whole world. 

So too bad that you couldnt have the tradicional chinese take out. That totally is a tradicion by the way. Dang I want some real food. Im sick of rice and chicken. hahah

When I was in Monclova I went to Burger King and I thought for a moment that I was in America. 
speaking of that its too bad that Kansas CIty isnt all that is cracked up to be. But BBQ sound good!

That is also really interesting that the Jordan River Temple is going to be remodeled. That will be cool to go to that open house when I get home. I know it wont be for years but you know it would be cool. Also super excited to go and see the New Provo temple. 

Im having a great time here in Acuña. Ther is a lot of work to be done here. You should send me some more pictures of your business trip. 
Have a good week!
-Elder Stockman

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