Friday, January 2, 2015

First week "I made it safe and sound"


Mom!!!! I want to hug you and I keep regretting not looking back at the airport but I would have lost it. I am sooo happy!!! I have never had this much fun in my life but also I have never felt closer to my Father in Heaven. I know that he lives and that he sent his son Jesucristo for us. I am eating well and studying hard. I broke out the family pictures on Sunday night and lost it. I know though, that as I am in the service of my God he will protect me, and you guys. How is everything going with preschool and with home? I kinda miss being home and just talking in that chair up in your room. Make Zach sit in it hahaha! The Latinos are my favorite. I don't even understand what they are saying half the time but they literally make me cry.(in a good way) One of them caught another looking at a group of Hermanas walking by and now they call him a snake. hahah of all the words to know in English they knew that one. It feels like I have been here for 3 months but I'm only here for a week. It goes really slow but that's ok. I'm just a little anxious to get out in the field. Tuesday nights are Costco pizza night and that was awesome! American food is definitely appreciated. I found out that you can get packages here. but they have to be sent to that is elder Walstroms mom and she sent him stuff. I have been teaching an investigator named Luis. It has been the coolest thing to watch somebody come unto Christ. He lives in Mexico City and his parents are Catholic so that has been the biggest struggle is trying to get his parents to understand. He wants to get baptized but he said he cant because his parents said he already has. We taught him about immersion and he seemed to get it, but you know I don't speak Spanish and he doesn't speak English so there's that as well. I love you and I fell your love and support every day. Mom you are the best
-Elder Stockman
please tell everyone that I am happy and that I will try to write them back. I will also be sending some pictures

I got lucky and got the seat with leg room. ahhhhhh...

Mexico city view form the plane.

Entry gates at the CCM(Mexico MTC).

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