Friday, January 9, 2015

Week 5 Happy New Years

Hey Momma!
Hey I'm doing great. That Christmas call was pretty awesome! It was really cool to be able to hear all of your voices and to say hi! I can't believe that I will be in Saltillo in 4 days! I'm actually pretty excited to leave though. Mom they finally got more scripture cases in stock so I got 2 of them! It takes a week for them to do the thing with your name and your mission so I didn't want to risk it and not have them in the end. I got one with The Savior and one with the captain Moroni on it with him holding the title of liberty and doing some war cry or something. I love them so much and I am so grateful that I could get them. I think that the Christmas call was hard but it definitely didn't distract me. If anything it strengthened me. Thank you guys so much for your love and support that I feel. I started to pack today and thats an adventure. I know that the Lord will provide but It is definitely a challenge. So I forgot to answer about Elder Wasden. It was hard to see him go and we are all so close, but we gave him a blessing and that was seriously one of the most spiritual things. I guess that he has been home for 2 weeks now. There are 10 people going to Saltillo on monday. (there would have been 11) Me, Elders... Miner, Loren, Evans, Peterson, Smith, and 4 Latinos that are pretty cool! I'm so excited to go and meet President Rodriguez. Its kind of funny because we have known about Elder Smith this whole time but for some wierd reason he wasnt in our district. The air qualtiy is pretty bad here haha they are always burning stuff or it smells like the sewer. I'm hoping that's a Mexico City thing, but most likely its going to be that way in Saltillo as well. I really appreciated your Christmas Advent, and Stocking of goodies. I promise you I didn't open it until Christmas Day. It was hard but I just put it behind some stuff and tried to forget it.  Im so glad to hear that everyone is doing excellent. 
Love you forever Momma!
-Elder Stockman

New Years Party.

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