Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 6 - I'm here in Saltillo

Hey everyone I'm here in Saltillo! I love it so much already! President Rodriguez doesn't speak english but that's ok because I will learn a lot faster with only spanish.
I love Saltillo, especially after being in D.F. because there is room to breathe here. There you were amongst a sea of people but here its nice because There aren't millions of people. 
I don't have much time today (only 10 mins) 
We are all having a great time at Presidente Rodriguez's house right now eating Pizza and ice cream and quizzing each other on Doctrine. 
I loved the CCM so much but it was time to leave. I love you guys so much and just letting you know that I am here and that I am safe! 
got to ride in a Mexican taxi today and it was cool because I was with the President's Assistants and they speak really well Spanish. They only have like 1 month left. They were talking to the taxi driver about religion and they invited him to church. It was really cool to see missionary work in action out here in the field. He said that he wouldnt because his wife is in charge and because he is catholic. There are a ton of Catholic people here!
I've got to wrap things up but I want to let you guys know that I love each and every one of you and that I am here safe and sound. I know that I can do it as long as I am obedient. 
These next 2 years are going to be awesome!
btw I dont know where my first area is or who my first companion is yet. I will let you know as soon as possible!
Te Quiero!
-Elder Stockman

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