Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week 4- Merry Christmas

(excerpts from letter to mom)
Hey momma!
Hey its really cool we get to have our P-day today so that we get Christmas off aswell. I dont have much to say this week. I feel like there really is anything that is different. This week week we were able to learn a lot about the importance of speaking in only spanish it is solo espaƱol week. It's kind of like fasting but just with English. I'm so excited that I get to talk to you guys tomorrow. I've been hearing that it's warm back home. It's actually raining outside right now and it has been raining for the whole day. I love you mom so much I cant believe that I will be in Saltillo in like a week and a half. 
Please keep Me in your prayer. I pray for you guys day and night that you will be ok. I know that because I am sacrificing my time that the lord will bless you. I can't believe it's Christmas already though. It seems like it's not because the other day I broke a sweat just from walking around outside. Everyone keeps telling me that I am going to lose a ton of weight and that's fine by me, but I hope I can still fit in my cloths. Honestly it feels like I have lost a little bit of weight. I haven't been going back for seconds unless of corse it is pizza night.
Thanks for the Christmas cake pops those were actually pretty killer good. 

I want you guys to think of all the questions that you want to ask me tomorrow because we only have a half an hour. Love you soooooo much mom!
-Elder Stockman
Feliz Navidad

P.S. If they have bueno bars in the US you need to get them. they are made by kinder. They are like a mix of kit kat, milkey way, and nutella. they have like a hazelnut caramel and the chocolate is real. ooooohhhh they are good.

They put lights on Palm trees down here.

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