Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #8 "Perro Mestizos"

Just doing a little... Ok a lot of laundry. 

Hey there momma!
it was pretty great to hear that story that you shared with me thank you for your testimony of prayer.
First of all Im so happy here! it is definately a whole new world. I have a funny story to share. We always walk around everywhere and there are a ton, I mean a ton of perro mestizos. But we always walk by and they kind of leave us alone. If they are behind a gate they always try to get through and kill you haha! but we were getting our hair cuts today and we walked there in our street cloths. luckily I had my bag because I had a couple of close calls. I had to swat them away it was actually pretty funny but terrifying! It just goes to show you the power that you have when you are a missionary. I mean even in my street cloths I'm still a missionary, but even the Perro mestizos can see that you dont mess with the servants of the Lord. 
I have never seen so many Jehova´s Witnesses in my life. They are everywhere. Not so much the people but their missionaries. Every person that I have come in contact that is not a member of the church is Catholic. There was one athiest but he turned us away. But its funny to see that there are so many TJ´s down here (Testigos de Jeovah) 

The food is absolutely great as dad will explain to you.
The sun is starting to come out a little more so I'm not cold anymore. But it's starting to get hot in the afternoons and I'm sure that I would take the cold over the hot any day! 

That's cool to hear that Zach got to go to scout camp! I was wondering when that day would come. Everyone is going to be so different when I get home. Abbie will be graduated from HS and Zach will be a deacon. I love you guys so much and I pray for you daily. 

Things are starting to be more normal to me, starting to get used to missionary life. I just can't believe that I already have 2 months!

That's also cool to hear that Quinn is putting in his papers Josh said that he will be soon too. Which is crazy to think of all these people starting the next wave of mission calls again. Hope to see some buddys in Saltillo!

Love you tons!
-Elder Stockman
Dad! Hola!
Dad it is important to me that you get your own email each week no matter how short it is. I'm getting better with time that's my biggest struggle. The Spanish was also hard for me this week. The people here talk so fast, they slur words together, and they mumble. It's quite difficult but I'm starting to be able to pick out words here and there. 

I have been feeling really homesick this week, not much it's just really the first time that I have felt it. It's probably just feelings of lonliness specially because Elder Garcia doesn't speak english. I'm fine I just want to speak english. It's pretty great to go to our zone meetings every tuesday morning because there are other elders who are americans and we can speak english. 

I pray for you guys every day. I just cant believe that I already have 2 months! only 22 left haha! 

Our investigators are great. we are in the tecnologico monclova ward where there has been a bit of a drought. There actually hasn't been a baptism for over a year. But we have like 9 investigators and we are working so hard! 

I finally know what you mean by coming home and passing out from the exhaustion. I have been thinking I could really use some american food right about now. The food is great though! I have had to eat some pretty skechy stuff hahaha! its mostly been in soup you stir it and regret that you stirred it. I've learned to not eat too fast or else they give you more! But man I have never had so many eggs and beans in my life. 2 of the least expensive foods possible they love to eat together. Andrew would absolutely hate it here. I have not had a day where I did not eat eggs. But they are wierd here because they don't wash the eggs from the chickens and none of them are refrigerated. 

The tortillas though. I mean I thought I had a pretty good idea of what a good tortilla was.... I was wrong. I'm not to big of a fan of the corn tortillas I like the American versions better, but the flour are so absolutely heavenly. 

Any ways I love you sooo much Dad.

-Elder Stockman
View coming into Saltillo.
Ahhhh fresh water.... 

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